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I'm Officially Engaged !

Hello Friends,

I have experienced by far the best day of my life and I can not believe I'm officially ENGAGED !!!

I am going to share how Marsel proposed to me on March 5, 2020 and our spontaneous engagement photoshoot, in a diary entry like post.

Everything about the day was absolutely perfect. A few days before we went to Niagara on the Lake, Marsel's mother, Angelina, came home from work with great news... she won a winery tour experience for the Wayne Gretzky Estates in a draw. Angelina has won many things from work before so I didn't think much of this and was really happy for her. She said that the experience was planned for a Thursday night of that week and was happy about winning the experience.

Later that day, she told Marsel and I, that her and Albert (Marsel's dad) would not be able to go to the winery because they were not able to take off work and the winery tour experience can not be rescheduled. She proceeded to show me this piece of paper with the experience instructions and told Marsel and I that we should go. Marsel immediately jumped at the idea because we absolutely love Niagara Falls and Niagara on the lake. I had some reservations because I was scheduled to work that day. I also thought it was a little strange that the bank would give out a prize with a time during work hours therefore not being able to be utilized by the staff. Although, after much convincing from my parents and Marsel I agreed to go and didn't question it.

Thursday March 5, I woke up like any other morning not knowing what Marsel had in mind. I went to school, went to the teachers strike to collect data for a group project and proceeded to head home to get ready for Niagara.I went home, got dressed in an outfit that I planned for an Instagram post and packed a bag of other outfits that I could use to shoot pictures. Marsel was calling me every half hour telling me not to be late. This was also not surprising because I am late for EVERYTHING! (Not my best quality and something I have to work on).

Once Marsel and I were back together we proceeded to make the drive towards the winery. The entire drive Marsel was acting moody and strange. Marsel is the sweetest, most calm and patient character. He rarely gets angry, moody or even swears.... but today he was acting very moody and loosing his patience quickly. We stopped for coffee and he lost his temper because he thought he dropped coffee on himself. We missed an exit and he started to get upset because he was worried we were going to be late. It was very out of character, yet I really didn't think much of it.

We arrived in Niagara on the lake with a half hour to spare so Marsel took me by the lake to enjoy a nice walk and take some photos. We had a really nice time talking about all the times we have made the trip to Niagara Falls and Niagara on the lake, about how much wine tours and wine has been apart of our relationship and even how this area was becoming like a second home for us. We finished up our little mini date and headed towards Wayne Gretzky Estates.

When we got there, there weren't many people which was expected for a Thursday night. The concierge at the winery told us that we are taking a private tour, and that it was a really unique sensory experience. We waited in the tasting lounge and I immediately got into "INSTAGRAM MODE" , taking pictures of everything and many videos (which i never ended up posting) .

Our tour guide came and brought us to this beautiful glass room "The Office" at the back of the winery, where it was set up with long stem glasses, ghost chairs, tasting book guides, pairings and wine.

The wine tasting itself was focused around the senses. How the wine looks, what it smells, the experience wine gives you and ........... guessing different notes of the wine through tasting.

This was the part when Marsel and I was asked to put our black blind folds. Still at this moment I was absolutely clueless, taking the task of guessing the ingredients of the wine and if it were white or red very seriously. The representative asked us to remove our blind folds and we discussed the first wine.

Then were asked to put the blindfold on again. The wine rep said something along the lines of "I forgot something that we need for the next tasting." and I proceeded to hear the glass door open behind me. I said some snarky remark like "How long does he expect us to wait here blindfolded while he goes off to get what ever he forgot?"

I then heard "okay take off your blindfold"....

As soon as I heard these words I removed the blindfold and saw Marsel down on one knee with a shiny red box. I was in shock. I began to cry and then saw a photographer and for some reason I stopped. I was so ecstatic.

Marsel said a few loving words (which I will keep private) and then slipped the ring on my finger. I loved it so much, it was perfect and represented my taste and personality perfectly. He later told me he custom designed it to have all of the qualities and accents that he liked so much when he was on his 6 month look for the perfect ring.

After he proposed, our tour guide broke out the champagne and we went off to do this little on the spot photoshoot around the winery. I was definitely up for it and loved how Marsel thought to document the experience. We of course followed up the photoshoot with calling our families and my best friend to tell them about the good news.

Marsel later took me to Skylon Tower Restaurant and we stayed at one of our favourite hotels.

I can honestly say I had NOOOO Idea that he was going to propose. You can tell that I wasn't expecting this at all. My nails weren't done, my hair needed to be cut and coloured and I would have probably worn something more "bridal" possibly white. Alas, I was completely surprised and I didn't even have the slightest clue... and I wouldn't have change a thing about how he did it. I appreciate all the planning and effort that Marsel did for me (especially hiring a photographer to document our time).

It was very special time and I will forever be grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of the whole experience.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know that Marsel and I have spent much of our relationship going to wineries making frequent weekend trips to Niagara, exploring wine tastings on our travels to different countries, making our own wine and even coming with me to all my wine blogging experiences. It was a perfect place for him to propose because of what these times and activities have meant to us.

I am blessed and thankful to have found my soul mate, my best friend and partner. I know that we are going to have such an adventurous, spontaneous and passionate life together and I am very excited to see what God has in store for us.

Shout out and a big thank you to the staff at Wayne Gretzky Estates and Jessica from Jessica Little Photography.

I am looking forward to sharing this very exciting experience with you all. Please keep a look out on my Instagram page and blog for new updates and wedding planning content.

Thanks for reading!



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