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Taking Wine to a Whole New Level - Making Our Own Pino Grigio at Wine Butler


If you are a wine lover like me this new experience that I am about to discuss is sure to get you excited. Wine Butler is a business that gives the average wine lover an opportunity to make their own wine. When this opportunity was presented to me, I accepted immediately because we all know how much Marsel and I love our wine.

We have spent so much time visiting wineries in the Niagara Region, Prince Edward County and even Nappa Valley, California. I am sure you have seen all of my wine content through out my blog and Instagram page. I have worked with many wine companies and wineries to promote wine. We love trying all sorts of different wines and have gotten to know the proper techniques to trying wine on our tours. We love wine so much that we have started investing time in learning to learning how the grapes are grown, the techniques of the farmers and the pairings of food to wine.

Needless to say, we love our wine and thats why when we were presented the opportunity to make our own wine, bottle it and the label the wine, we didn't need to hesitate to accepting the invitation.

Wine Butler is a company that makes all this possible. There are two locations in the GTA, the first location is in Toronto and the second location in Mississauga. We decided to visit the Mississauga location because it is the closest to us.

The process of making the wine is made simple by Wine Butler by ordering the type of wine that you would like to make along with the amount of bottles needed in advance. Then once you have made you order the wine process can begin. It is split into two different appointments. The first appointment is called the Yeast Dropping appointment. This appointment is about ten minutes long and the purpose of it is to set up your account and to drop the yeast in to your wine to begin the process. Once you have completed this appointment you have to wait 4-6 weeks for the wine to ferment and develop before it is ready for you to come back for your second appointment to bottle the wine.

Once the wine is ready, Wine Butler will send you an email so you can book your second appointment. The second appointment is where the fun begins. You are able to start the bottling process. When you get to the wine butler there is a section set up for you in different activities. The first part is the bottling of the wine in your clean bottles, the next section is bottling the wine. There is a corker machine which does all the work for you and is quite fun. After this is done, you are able to choose your labels. This was my favourite job, lastly there was a heat gun and coloured foils to place on top of the cork, just like professional wine. We choose to keep our tables and foils all black and white. The heat gun made the foil process smooth and professional.

The whole process was so much fun and ran so smoothly. It was really simple and so easy to complete. This appointment took us around 30 minutes because we had 35-40 bottles of wine. This was something that we thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to make this into a date night and have these bottles for many more date nights to come.

I think that this experience would make for a great gift to people who love wine. I was thinking of possibly a birthday gift or a fathers day gift for my father or boyfriend’s father. The bottles themselves could also be good gift ideas. One of y girlfriends who is also going to the Wine Butler is using the bottles for her wedding favours, adding customize labels on the wines as thank you messages. I think this is such a good idea!

This is definitely a unique experience that is so fulfilling especially because we love wine so much. I recommend that you check out this link to check out the prices for each wine package. They are always sending out promotional deals so a helpful tip would be to sign up for their email news letters to keep updated.




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