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The National Women's Show 2019

Hello Friends,

If you recall I was invited to The National's Women Show in 2018 in Toronto to cover all things shopping, beauty, fashion, technology and food. It was such a fantastic experience being able to spend time with my mother and sisters to pamper ourselves and learn about all the newest items for women. You could only imagine my excitement when I was invited once again to cover the weekend this year.

I was excited to see all that the show had to offer this time around and wow, did they deliver!

There were so many high-end brand names like YSL Beaute, Givenchy Beauty, Poppy and Peonies and so much more. This year there were so many fun additions to the weekend such as crafting workshops, new fashion shows, a lounge to relax and drink cocktails and mingle with your girlfriends.

This time around I decided to use this weekend as an opportunity to find some new brands that I did not cover last year and pick up some new items.

I had a great interest in the brand Poppy and Peonies this year. It is a Canadian fashion brand with vegan leather products, that offer affordability and functionality in all of its products. The handbags and accessories are super stylish and target all types of demographics making it a really desirable and a brand to watch. My favourite products by this brand are the "Cheer" acrylic square purse, the cat makeup bag and the present shaped box purse.

There were also many interesting installations set around the convention centre featuring some creative women's products, art and fashion. This one in particular caught my eye because all the pieces were made out of bubble wrap.

I couldn't believe that such beautiful and luxurious looking pieces were made with bubble wrap. It amazed me that there are people out there that are that creative and talented. It was art and fashion all in one.

I loved seeing all of the unique types of fashion brands and items that were featured. I also really enjoy that so many of these items and brands are Canadian.

I also checked out the food scene and found cupcakes that used beer as their main ingredients. This was probably my favourite new food company that I found that weekend.

Yet, there were so many different types of food varying in origin and nationality. There were options for the health conscious consumer, those who are vegan and like organic products; or those who like junk food, sweets, chocolate, chips and more.

I noticed there were also a lot of spirits and wine companies at the show, which interests me.

This weekend was also full of networking and getting to know some valuable information from the vendors. If you are an entrepreneur or interested in knowing more about how individuals start their own business this is definitely the place to be.

There were so many amazing women that were business owners and featuring their products at the show. I really enjoyed the getting to know how they brand their business how they go about producing, distributing and eventual selling the products as well.

That is the beauty about the weekend. There is so much to learn, so much to do and much more to buy.

I enjoyed myself last year and I think I had an even better time this year because I knew what to expect, and I knew what I really wanted to do this time around. I was able to take all the women in my family to enjoy the day with me. I brought my mother, my two sisters, my aunt and my boyfriends mother. It truly is the ultimate girls weekend and I love the fact that the convention aims to please everyone, all ages, all nationalities. We were all able to get something different out of the experience.

Check it out in 2020 !

Thank you for reading!



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