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Keep Your Skin Looking Younger - IMAGE SKIN CARE REVIEW

I have tried a lot of skincare lines and have learned what is effective for my skin type and which types of products that I gravitate towards. I also know which products that just don't appeal to me.

I have combination skin. My nose can get oily but the rest of my skin can get dry. For the most part I have minimal to no break outs but I still want my skin looking and feeling healthy. I am all about natural ingredients and always have health and longevity in mind. Yes, I want my skin looking amazing now but I want the products that I use to ultimate keep my skin boisterous and glowing as I age.

I understand the importance of investing in time and products that will help contribute to help you age gracefully along side a healthy diet, exercising, getting a regular sleep pattern in place and drinking lots of water. With all these things in mind the award winning products from IMAGE Skincare will help me achieve my skin goals.

A few months ago, I was invited to join the IMAGE Skincare team at a dinner and presentation to discover all of the skincare products that they offer and new launches. If you have been following me for a while you know that I am always willing to discover some re products to use on daily basis or even recommend to my followers, friends and family.

From this event I recieved five different products:

1. I PREIMER Flawless Blur Gel

This primer is is comparable to a lot of the more popular makeup brands. The one aspect about this primer that I love is that it has not caused any breaks outs. This whole line is exceptional for the treatment and overall health of your skin, therefore this product is no different. This application of makeup over top of this primer increased the longevity of the makeup and it allowed for a more even application.

2. I MASK Firming Transformation Mask

A new 2019 product to the skin care line. This firming mask is definitely a treat. I usually use this product once week and a little goes along way. It is green in colour and firms and drys like any other firming clay style mask. I like the fact that it has the small rubber application brush making it extremely easy and clean to apply. Giving an even application and this allows for you to waste as little product as possible. Out of the two masks from this line, I find that I have reached for this one more because it really gets down and deep into my pores cleating out all the dead skin and dirt from not only the surface of my skin but also underneath it. This mask does really well to deep clean and will definitely be part of my routine for the upcoming winter season.

3. I MASK Purifying Probiotic Masque

Another new 2019 product to the skin care line. This mask feeds your skin the neutrines that it needs to succeed. My first impression of this product is that the packaging is extremely luxurious. This clear acrylic with a tiny scoop, makes for an easy and less messy applications of this green mask. As stated in the name of the product this mask is a probiotic mask which helps to purify and fortify the skin. It is a bright green, and grainy consistency. The mask itself drys on the skin evenly and quit fast. I found that I like the grains in the mask because when washing it off it helped to exfoliate the skin. I also really enjoy the smell.

4. Prevention + Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

It is essential that you use SPF underneath your makeup on a daily basis if you want healthy skin. The trick to keeping your skin looking younger as you age is taking care of it while you are young. If we have the foresight to think about application of SPF before going about our daily lives you are guaranteed to keep your skin young and buoyant. This SPF is especially good because of the fact that it is not greasy, it does not break you out and it smells amazing! This is definitely a product that is naturally thrown in my purse and used on a daily. Lastly, this is the product that I have finished first out of the whole line, and I am on to a new bottle. I find when you finish products quickly you know that it is something that you really enjoy and need to purchase again.

5. Ormedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complet balm/gloss

Another essential product that you can easily throw in your purse and go. Some of the really unique features about this product is that it comes out clear but over time develops into a light sheer pink colour. Like many of the products of the line, the smell is fantastic and not over barring. I love this product because it is small and compact. I also like the fact that the company decided to use a doe foot applicator making the application easy and sanitary.

This line of skincare is definitely a luxury style range. They are effective and last a long time. They use effective and natural ingredients that benefits your skin in the long run ! If I had to recommend one product for you to try out of the entire line it would have to be the one of the face masks or the SPF moisturizer. These articular products are effective and have lots of product so that it lasts you a long time ! Remember that investing in your skin is an important investment because you want your skin as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading.




A special thank you to Image Skin Care for the products!

Please click the link below if you are interested in checking out the products or read about all the awards that Image Skin Care has won for their products! Click Here:

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