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A Weekend In The Mist - The Ultimate Niagara Falls Tourist Experience - The Hornblower

Hello Friends,

My boyfriend and I have been known for being extremely adventurous and active. We adore partaking in new adventures. participating in thrilling activities and traveling as much as possible. Every couple of months we like to explore our own province by taking part in “staycations.” We often visit Niagara Falls (Canadian side) and have done a lot of the tourist activities that the city has to offer, yet we have never tried the Niagara’s HornBlower Experience.

If you are familiar with Niagara falls you are aware of the cruise ships sailing Canadians and Americans directly in the falls with the bright colored ponchos. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take the trip yourself ?

We have... many times in fact! We were so happy to finally have the chance to hop on board and see the beauty and power of the falls up close and personal!

We were invited to spend the weekend in Niagara Falls to join The Hornblower, Niagara Cruise Line for a sail. It was the first time that we have done this so we knew little of what to expect.

The Hornblower is a cruise ship which resides on the side of the falls that takes passengers right into the center. When you first get to the falls, passengers are taken down the side of the cliff in a glass gondola. It takes you from the street top to the bottom where the cruise resides. The views from the gondola are picturesque and create the excitement and thrill of the falls before stepping foot on the cruise ship.

At the bottom, you have access to a patio that over looks the falls and there is a dock which provides passengers with the infamous red ponchos. After you have received the red poncho, this is when the real excitement begins. You are now able to file aboard and choose where you would like to enjoy the views.

Once we boarded the ship, there are two levels. A top level which is completely open and main level which is partially closed. Being the adventure seekers that we are, we chose the top level because we wanted the full experience of the falls. Little did we know, that choosing our spot at the top was a clever choice! We were able to have the most authentic and wondrous time, enjoying the views, taking lots of pictures and videos and eventually getting absolutely soaked. It was a nice treat to get cooled down after spending a long day in the sun!

We choose the perfect time of day because we were still able to enjoy the views in the sun and get cooled off. The best part is that the boat departs at multiples times a day, evening during the sunset which will make for amazing photos. Giving ample opportunity to try this out for yourself!

I can not fully explain the feeling that I got when we started pulling up to the falls. The water was bright emerald blue, the air was light and fresh and there was a rainbow in the background. As we started to get closer and closer to the falls. As we started approaching the falls you a light mist.

Trust me when I say you will know exactly when you are in the middle of the falls.... you get absolutely soaked and the captain leaves the boat idling for tons photo and video opportunities.

The red ponchos definitely come in handy!

We couldn't help but laugh and take full advantage of the experience. It was very refreshing, it was exciting and it was unlike anything that we have decided to do before.

After experiencing the magic of the ride straight into the falls. We agreed that it is an absolutely breathtaking and unique experience that only Canadians (& Americans) can offer to tourists and locals. This wonder of the world is truly a treat, and I can not believe we did not think of trying it sooner!

It is important to take the time to explore your own region because there are some really beautiful and fun things that can leave such a strong impact on you. This is definitely unlike any other activity that Marsel and I have done together.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the falls from a different view!

Niagara Cruises also offers services at night! There are parties on the cruises all summer (Falls Fireworks Cruise). If you are interested in purchasing tickets for yourself or even checking out all that Niagara Cruises has to offer please click the link here: The HornBlower - Niagara Cruises

Thanks for reading,




A special thank you to Niagara Cruises for the fantastic summer getaway !

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