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Determining Your Value: Tips For Creating A Blogger/Influencer Price List

I had such a positive response on my last blog post entitled "A Guide To Starting Your First Media Kit As A New Blogger " that I decided to write another post dedicated to an extremely important tool when working as a social media influencer and blogger. As you may have already guessed by the title, I have decided to dedicated this post to to creating your very own blogger price list!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with influencer price lists, A price list is a document in which influencers include packages of services that they offer to advertise brands, products and companies on their socials. They include different packages that outline choices of online marketing services that the influencer is willing to do for companies.

As discussed in my media kit blog post, every social media influencer and blogger must have a price list on hand in addition to your media kit. This is an essential part of your kit.......

if you want to get paid for your work that is !

In this blog post I am going to discuss two major aspects of what I have learned that ever influencer needs to know about price lists. The first portion of discussion are the five things that are essential when creating your own price sheet. The second point of discussion is determining your worth and a general idea of what you should charge per package.


There are FIVE crucial things that you must include on your Blogger/Influencer price List.

1. Design your kit to keep on brand with all your socials and media kit colours and details

If you reflect back to my media kit blog post, you will recall a re-occurring theme. This theme is to keep constant across all your socials.

2. Decide on which package services you want to provide

This will take some time. I suggesting take note off the types of social media platforms you have, where you are willing to advertise and what type of advertisement. This could be as little as 1 instagram story all the way to a 40 minute Youtube video. Its really all about what you are willing to do while pricing these packages accordingly. I alway start off offering a small package for the least amount of money and slowly increase in advertising services and the amount I'm charging.

3. Determining your value

This will take the longest to determine and is really up to you on what you will charge. *My tips on how to determine your worth is the second portion of this post.*

4. Include your method of payment

Weather this be paypal, e-transfer or requesting the company send a cheque direct always make sure to include this some where on your price list.

5. Include your branding logos and social handles

This is obvious, right !?


The old way of setting a price based on the amount of followers that you have alone is no longer a relevant or an effective method. Charging $100 dollars every 10,000 followers is just not accurate anymore. The prices are higher, the competition is more fierce and companies are willing to pay more for authentic engagement and exposure. Remember, that there is always room for negotiation. Even if you don't send the price list to a company, having a set list of what you are willing to work for is a smart tactic to monetizing your brand. Some companies will even send you offers right from the start. It all depends on the situation and the company. Always keep in mind your worth, after all the companies that are willing to work with you, see a value in your type of advertising and content style that you are offering.

Things that you need to consider when thinking about setting your prices.

  1. The amount of followers you have

  2. The type of content that you post

  3. Your level of engagement

  4. How often you post

  5. Other social media platforms that can add to the amount of following you have

  6. What you can offer to major brands and companies that is unique

Based on these features I am unable to advise you on an exact price to charge because everyone’s price will be different based on their own personal information, the packages that you provide and the budget that the company has. I can, however direct you on to an idea of what to charge and what services to offer. An idea of what an influencer under 10,000 followers can charge is anywhere from 150-500 dollars per package. Again, this ranges based on how large the company is, how large the company’s marketing budget is and what services you will be providing.

The way that I organized my price list is in four different packages. I start off with the smallest package offering few services but only over instagram with the least cost. Then I slowly progressively offered more and more services including instagram, instagram stories, blog posts, reviews, and other social platforms features. As expected with more and more work comes a larger cost. In addition, I also add an option that the company or client can create their own package. This is obvious but I like to add it to so it is clear I am open to negotiation and am easy to work with. Like the media kit, your price list should be updated as your feed and social media pages grow.

I hope this has been helpful in making your journey creating the right tools for your business easier.

I am working on creating a downloadable media kit and price list for your use. I will post an announcement on instagram, once they go live on my website.

All your feed back is greatly appreciated.



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