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Bloom Beauty, The First Clean Beauty Luxury Boutique In Toronto

Like many beauty addicts, I am always looking for the most innovative products that are going to enhance my natural beauty. I constantly investing in products that are highly effect, but also contain natural ingredients that are not harmful for long term use. I have been familiar with natural beauty products, like many of us, looking to use the best in skincare and makeup. But are you aware that just because things are natural does not necessarily mean healthier product ?

This past month I had the pleasure of attending a VIP Beauty Event for a clean beauty and service boutique here in Toronto, called BLOOM BEAUTY. This is the very first all beauty service and cosmetic boutique in the city. Bloom Beauty provides clean beauty products for purchase, full beauty services, such as facials, make-up sessions, lashes, micro-blading and more. Bloom Beauty redefines the meaning of beauty and challenges the conventional products that are pushed through main stream media. Bloom beauty educates the public of the importance of the clean beauty movement.

Co-Owners and Founders, Pam & Sam, have had long careers as makeup artists. Involved in the beauty community spanning over decades they are extremely knowledgeable about all things makeup, hair, skin and more. These inspiring business women are connected to some very well know clean beauty brands, such as INDIE LEE. (Which I also had the pleasure of learning about on the day of the VIP event)

Bloom Beauty advocates for changing the way we think about beauty and make us reflect on what we choose to put on our bodies. They take the guessing out of the safety and sourcing. Educating the customer about what products are the best fit for all your beauty needs. Ingredients and health are at the center of this luxurious cosmetic boutique.

Pam and Sam have introduced us to the concept of “Clean” beauty, which means that all the ingredients in the products that associate themselves with being “clean” are in fact better for your long term health. If I am taking care of my appearance, why wouldn’t I want to invest in clean product that take care of my internal Health at the same time?

When visiting the luxurious beauty boutique you will be consumed with the regal décor and hundreds of clean beauty products to choose from. The boutique is separated into two spaces. The main front being the shop, showcasing all of the products ranging from Indie Lee, Lily Lolo, High on Love, Henry Charles and so many more. The first floor is not only the shop front but also functions as a workshop space for makeup lessons.

The second floor is divided into multiple smaller beauty rooms catering to lashes, facials, micro balding, organic spray tans and more. My favorite part about the space is the glitter floors and the luxe crystal ceilings. Some of my favorite products that I tried at the beauty event were the Indie Lee Toner, the This is a beautiful place to learn about new definitions of beauty and new product that are better for you in the long run. There are no sacrifices with clean beauty!

The Services that Bloom Beauty offers are: 1. Clean Wrap 2. Makeup Services 3. Bridal Services 4. Lashes 5. Brows 6. Micro Blading 7. Organic Spray Tanning 8. Organic Facials 9. Sugaring Hair Removal 10. & Packages

If you would like to know more about Bloom Beauty or for a full list of services, or prices please visit their website please check out their website or Instagram page. Thanks for reading. XO, Christina


A special thank you to Blend Pr for inviting me to this wonderful event.

Thank you to Bloom Beauty for hosting and educating me on new clean beauty products.

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