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A Guide To Starting Your First Media Kit As A New Blogger

I have been receiving so many questions about how I started my Media Kit when I first started blogging, and what are the types of things that a blogger needs to include in one.

There are so many variations of media kits on the internet but this is my take on one and thus far it seems to have proven successful because I have landed some really popular brands and great collaborations.

A media kit is a document containing all important information about your business as a social media blogger. These media kits are used as a way of pitching yourself to companies. It lets these corporations and brands know who you are as a brand and a blogger. In addition, what you can offer them that others can not.

Do not get this confused with with a Price List ! (A price list is a separate document which you should attach to all your media kits when pitching brands. This document gives companies an idea of what you charge per service. I will have another blog post about how to create a price list as well.)

There are two different types of media kits. The first type is the short version that is maximum 1 page front and back which is concise and straight to the point. The second type is a long detailed media kit that can often be extremely detail oriented, this is often for bigger projects or highly paid collaborations. When you are more experience you can expand your kit with a detailed version. It is good to have readily available, if a company requests to know more information.

I have created both but choose to stick to the short version because it seems to be the most success when pitching brands as a micro influencer.

Here are all of my tips you need to know about starting your very own blogger media kit.

Planning out your design and look of your Media Kit

I started off by looking up templates of other blogger media kits on the internet, finding ideas of how I would like to go about designing my own.

It is important that you keep to a theme through out all you social media platforms, your media kit, price lists and any other important documents that pertain to your blogging brand and business. Must Match your brand as a whole, in colours, design and aesthetic !!! For example, I use a rosegold marble background for all my instagram story highlights. I also use this background for details on my blog & website. Therefore I added a little bit of this to my media kit to keep with the brand. It pulls everything together and shows that you are a detailed oriented blogger that is treating these platforms as a business. It says you have a concise idea of what you represent and what type of colours and aesthetic you can offer to the brand. You will most likely be working with companies that match your aesthetic.

This means if you are a colourful fashion blogger, you should most certainly stick to a bright, fun and playful aesthetic. Where as, if you are more into neutrals, that should reflect clearly!

Lastly, ensure that you keep your media kit up to date. Update all the information and refresh the statistics and demographic every season or major milestone.

What to include in your media kit layout:

The 2 page Media Kit should have the following in a very organized formate and creative design:

1. Your Name and Job title:

-This is where you would put your full name, your blog name and your title (such as fashion blogger, foodie, lifestyle influencer ect. )

2. Who you are as a brand- This is the "all about me portion" :

- Add interesting facts about yourself

- Your experience working with other brands

- How you started blogging

- Education

- Job experience

- Anything else that would appeal to the company hiring you

3. Previous companies that you have worked with:

- Include the most popular and well know brands

-Include the brands that you have most recently worked with

- Add a list of companies and collaborations

- Add the brands logos (visuals are ideal for a visual industry!)

4. The amount of followers you have on each platform:

- Add all your social media platforms

- Add your website or blog link & the amount of monthly views

- Make sure to include each handle/username

- Make sure to add the amount of followers for each

5. Main demographic (graphs, diagrams and stats):

- Add Graphs and charts straight from your profiles (found in your insights section - instagram)

- Use graphs to show what age most of your followers are, where they are located cities and country wise.

- You can use the screen shots from your socials, I however made my own to match the colours of my branding

6. Your engagement on social media platforms (screenshots):

- If you have not switched your Instagram to business profile yet, then you should!!!

-Companies who are looking to PAY influencers will not hire you if they can not see an AUTHENTIC engagement !

- All of the companies who have worked with me have asked for some sort of screen shot

7. Contact Information:

- Add your business email, phone number, address and even paypal info

- This is to ensure that the company is able to send out pr packages, important info and pay you !

8. Objective:

- name what your main goals are when working for the company such as: increase visability of the product to ultimately increase productivity and revenue for the company !

9. Services Provided:

- name a couple of points about what you will be offering if the company hires you, for example you are willing to offer blog posts, reviews, instagram stories/unboxing/haul videos, instagram static posts etc

10. Your hashtags or your logo:

- add you own personal hashtags or logos

(if you do not have one that's okay - this is not a make or break )

11. Pictures !!! :

- Obviously add pictures of yourself and other pictures from your social media platforms.

You are trying to appeal to a company for a job in product placement and advertising. This is ultimately showing them a first glance at what you are capable of and your style of photography, editing and use of products . After all, this industry is based solely on visuals and this allows the company to immediately see your work.

Make sure to be selective and only add things that will be beneficial to you and the company looking at the media kit. Remember this is like an application, it makes a statement and a first impression for potential work! You want to provide everything for your future employer so they have your BEST work at their finger tips ! You don't want them having to dig through your account. Its most likely not going to happen and you may loose out on a great opportunity.

I hope this has been helpful in helping you create your own kits and that this gives you some of the tools you need to go out and start pitching your own collaborations !




* Note: All of the personal information, tips and pictures are all of my own! They are to be used as learning tools and therefore are not guaranteed to have sign paid collaboration opportunities, rather this is here to give you some insight on how to build yourself the portfolio you will need as an influencer*

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