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Scent-sactional Organic and 100% Natural Skin Care Range!

Hurray, It is finally spring! After a very long, dark cold and dry winter I am glad I have the opportunity to use products that will help me regain my original healthy glow and soft smooth skin. I am reviewing the 100% natural and organic skincare line called "Scentuals."

For all my friends, who are concerned about what ingredients are in their products or if the products they are using are tested on animals... this line is definitely safe for you!

Scentuals uses organic ingredients for the entire product range. They proudly advertise that they are 100% natural and are AGAINST testing on animals! Lastly, Scentuals is a Canadian Company and make all their products in Canada. ( We all know how much I love to support Canadian Owned/Operated Brands ! )

From these factors alone, I was really excited to have the opportunity to try out these products. If these are qualities that are also very important to you, than I suggest you continue with my review ! :)

This is what I found after using each item.

1. Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion - Vanilla Tangerine

(Retails For: $14.95)

Light and non-greasy formula that helped to add the moisture to the skin and body. I used this particular product on my body rather than my hands because I liked how the constancy was thick and was easily absorbed into my skin.The formala was light weight and left your body feeling comfortable. Due to the formula being very light weight, you can easily build the product depending on how dry your skin is. I LOVE that this product is not sticky !!!! There is nothing worse than feeling greasy and sticky after using a moisturizing product.

This lotion contains ingredients such as Olive oil, Argan oil and Aloe juice to contribute to a number of beneficial qualities for my skin's health and feel. These ingredients are high in healthy fats allowing the product to help with firming of the skin, repairing dry and itchy areas (left from the dry winter) and add a glow.

I really enjoyed using this product before bed after a shower. Lastly, the smell is light and fresh. Vanilla is always a scent that I gravitated towards and love using. Like the rest of the line, the smell is very unique and lasts a very long time.

2. Hand Repair Cream - Grapefruit Turmeric

(Retails For: $11.50)

Compared to the moisturizing hand and body lotion this cream is thicker. Although the formula is thick, the constancy works really easily into your skin and is non-greasy. The hand cream's ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, almond, oat & turmeric. All packed with fatty acids which make this cream ideal for softening the skin. These ingredients are also used as anti-inflametory and healing properties. Making this ideal for the worst of winter dry, cracked hands.

The scent is also extremely appealing. It is fresh and sweet. I certainly smell the grapefruit throughout the day, after applying this to my hands. I apply the hand cream through out the entire day, whenever I need a little bit of moisture to my skin. My boyfriend and I both enjoy using this product. It has been helping us to recover from the harsh winter cold and allow for fresh spring glowing skin.

3. Exfoliating Hand Soap - Orange Geranium

(Retails For: $5.50)

This hand soap is a great product for those of us who suffered from dry hands this winter. I love the fact this this soap exfoliates your skin. Which is not something that you see a lot in hand soaps. Definitely, my favourite scent out of the entire range!

Lastly, I really enjoyed the fact that the soap contained ingredients like olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. This was something that helped with my boyfriends dry and cracked hands. I noticed that after using this hand soap daily for the last couple of weeks that his skin improved significatly.

4. Beauty Oil - Rose Hip

(Retails For: $29.95)

My Favourite product from this range ! I use this beauty oil as intended... for my face. After this winter my skin around my tea zone has been the worst for dryness, itchiness, followed by flaking. I normally have great skin but this year, the winter definitely effected by skin really poorly.

I love everything about this product and definitely suggest that you check this one out ! I love anti-aging products because I really like knowing that I'm not just taking care of the health of my skin for the present but also the future. To be honest, yes health is my motivator but Vanity is also a large portion !

This anti-aging rose hip oil improved my dryness and flaky skin around my nose. I really loved the slight smell. I would use this oil before bed overnight, after washing my face free of makeup & dirt. Besides the rosehip oil, this product also contains vitamin E, Apricot, Safflower & grapeseed. All amazing ingredients for the repairing of skin, such as scaring or dark marks. The combination of these ingredients also allow for the antioxidants and fatty acids to provide maximum effectiveness to prevent premature aging of the skin.

I enjoyed the apothecary type bottle and applicator just as much as I did the product. It is an oil so it is a little greasy but it works into your skin really easily and a little of the product goes a long way. It is also extremely light weight.

Definitely a win!

5. Soothing Essential Oils - Balance/Equilibre & De-stress/relaxation

( Retail For: $15.95 Each)

These roller ball essential oils are a new type of product for me. I have not used something like this in the past, therefore I was unsure of what to expect. I enjoyed both for different reasons but out of the two my favourite is the balance/equilibre. I preferred the scent and felt that I gravitated towards it more often than the De-stress/relaxation.

I used them as intended, rubbing the oil onto my temples and inner wrists through out the day. These oils are meant to support and strengthen soul, body and mind.

Having them in a little roller ball bottles, is great for on the go and taking them with you to the office, or yoga studio.

6. Lip Conditioner - Vanilla Tangerine & Peppermint Twist

(Retail For: $5.95)

Finally, the two lip conditioners where the last of the products that I tried. Personally, I preferred the peppermint twist over the vanilla tangerine but enjoyed the texture and scent of both. They are both very smooth and moisturizing when applied to the lips. I loved how potent the smell of peppermint was while wearing the product. I felt like it kept me feeling and smelling fresh. I like the fact that over all my lips felt smooth, not sticky and that there was a comfort in knowing that the products that were being used on my lips and mouth area were all natural and free from harmful or unhealthy chemicals.

These are definitely something that would have been beneficial to have during the winter to keep my lips smooth. The ingredients included shea butter, vitamin e, avocado oil and coconut oil all have healing properties which worked very well to keep my lips smooth!

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of getting to test out the product range over the course of the past couple of weeks. the overall most attractive points about Scentuals as a whole is the healthy and beneficial ingredients that are used for each product. Upon testing the products, I did some research behind the ingredients and found that each product was carefully produced to be the more healing to the skin and body. I really like the fact the company is Canadian and do not believe in testing on animals. This gives everyone the ability to try the products without a guilty conscious. I had fun experiementing with mixing and layering scents and essential oils as well. This is definitely a brand which targets all the wants and needs in improving your skin from winter to spring and summer months. The products deliver in results and are with checking out.




A Special Thank You To:

Langton Pr & Scentuals for the opportunity to try this wonderful range of products !

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