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23 Years Old - Premium Home Care - Face Products Review

I am entering my 25th year of age in April and as I approach the later years of my 20’s, I am starting to pay more attention to other beauty regiments that were never a priority when I was younger. Paying attention to the look and health of my skin is one of these new beauty priorities. I have been doing a lot of research and investing in a ton of face products, especially because my skin has been acting up thanks to the cold Canadian winters. This season, my skin has been feeling dry and tight , along with itching and flaking. I must say, this is not what I want for the look and health of my skin.

For youthful, glowing and full looking skin, besides the obvious tips of eating healthy, drinking lots of water and having a regular sleep routine; it is important to invest in only the best types of products to clean and moisturize your skin. I think that for the longevity of the health, youthful look and prevention of wrinkles it is the utmost importance to have a morning and evening routines that focus on tending to your skin, face & body. Devoting only a couple extra minutes on a routine in your early years will insure that as you age, your skin will age gracefully and look youthful.

I had the opportunity to try a couple of new products that have now been incorporated to my winter skin routine. The products are from a Korean skin care brand called 23 Years Premium Home Care. I was sent five different products that include three different face masks, a face peel/wash and 8-in-1 cream that acts as a moisturizer, plumping, and firming cream.

After using the skin care line during the most brutal weeks in winter, I have come up with a very honest review on how these products work with my skin. My skin is a normal to dry skin during the winter months, with very little to no break outs. I do however have very sensitive and fair skin which makes it very easy for me to decipher weather a product is quite harsh and full of chemicals that irritate my fragile skin or if it the product is of quality.

Face Products:

Badecasil - P - Original (8-in-1 Cream)

This is my favourite product among the five. One of the most unique products that I received that multi-facisted and worked wonders for the overall appearance of my skin. The way I used this product was after washing in mornings and at nights. It was scent free, light weight and smoothed out my skin, "blurring" the lines and creating a silky smooth surface. I was even able to add makeup over top of the cream. It did not flake, it was not heavy. There were no harsh chemicals and my skin was not irritate by the product. It could act as a cream on its own or underneath makeup like a foundation primer. I would purchase this time and time again.

Badecasil - Peeling Treatment

This is a face wash which I only used at night. I am not sure if this was the sole purpose but I found that the peeling and exfoliating quality of this product is best for before bed. I would remove all of my make up with my regular wipes and micellar water and then would wash my face with this product. I found it to be scent free and worked wonders for removing my dry skin around my nose and chin. It improved my overall appearance of my skin during the hard winds and cold of winter. The combination of using this product at night and using the p-original gave my skin life and much needed moisture again.

FaceTime Masks:

All three face masks had unique and quality ingredients that helped add moisture and tighten my skin. I used these masks at night before bed as and added luxury. The masks brought all the dirt and make up out from underneath my skin and really refreshed the overall feel and appearance. The masks had a nice light smell. When placed on my skin they provided a tingling sensation that lifted my skin and gave it the appliance of a smooth and healthy glowing skin. My favourite was the Cocoon Gold Silky Mask. It target my need for a refreshing feeling and added moisture to get rid of my dry skin. I had a lot of fun with these products. I would definitely travel with these products, using them both on a regular basis or even when I need an extra lift like on a dry air plan.

Cocoon Gold Silk Mask

Acupar Petit Mask

Black Cavidiol Mask

These products worked wonders for my skin this winter and are definitely something that will stay in my face routine for years to come. I have always been a huge fan of health and appearance and these have all the factors of products that I want in my face care products. The line is not exclusive to these five products, there are a wide range of products that cater to each individuals' skin type. 23 years line are easy to use and is an effective home care line. You can customize your products to best work for your lifestyle and needs!

If you have any other questions please email me and I will send you more details about the products. Thanks for reading!




Special Thank You to Blend PR & 23 Years Old for sending me these fantastic products.

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