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Smartliners Review - A Smarter Solution To A Female Necessity

It is no surprise that I am a firm supporter and advocate for female based companies and products geared for the female body, health and contributing to the ease of a more convenient lifestyle. I have directed attention to many female companies that are beneficial or avoid harming the environment or your health. As a women and gender studies graduate and a firm believer in production of items that advance and enhance the beauty of our natural bodies, and support female run businesses; I would like to draw your attention to another fantastic Canadian product.

This product is a necessity for the well being of female bodies and the natural order of reproduction. Mother nature can not be avoided and that’s why I jumped on the opportunity to try out Smartliners. They are a new and safer take on the traditional liner.

Smartliners are a washable and reusable liner and sanitary pad that is targeted for the health conscious and environmentally conscious female.

I love to invest in products that are well made and that help reduce the amount of waste and harmful chemicals that can leak into my body. These chemicals can cause irreversible and long lasting affects on my health or the well being of the environment. Mother nature visits once every month.. thing about the years of exposure to harmful chemicals that your body endures if you are not conscious about the products you choose to purchase and then use.

Smartliners’ materials are eco-friendly, washable, & reusable. They do not contain any dyes or chemicals. There are no glues or any other harmful bonding agents. This means that the long term use of these feminine products over the course of the years saves your body from absorbing any foreign harmful chemicals as well as reducing the amount of waste that you produce. Therefore, reducing your carbon foot print. In addition, Smartliners are made from 100% cotton and made to last.

Smartliners are extremely easy to use and clean. Just place them in your underwear, snap them into place. As easy as that!

To wash the Smartliners all you have to do is place the used liner in the white mesh bag and through it in the washing machine. They can also be machine dried.

Each Pack Includes:

4 Pads

White Mess Pouch

Black Pouch

Care Instructions

There are a variety or styles, shapes and sizes available. I chose the regular style and the thong style. In my experience, I found that they work well and work best on the lighter last few days (as intended). They are small enough to carry all of them with you throughout the day, they are a light fabric colour in which are inconspicuous and they come with a carrying case to dispose of the used liners and a white wash pouch in which to wash the liners in. They are thin and go much more unnoticed then the regular plastic feminine product.

They also hypo-allergenic and do not irritate the skin when wearing for longer periods of time.

We all know that repurchasing feminine products can be an expensive necessity. Fortunately, the company claims that the liners last up five years. This is fantastic because you can initially invest in a couple of different types of liners and not have to repurchase until years later. This is a positive in terms of economics. Unfortunately, I myself have not have had them that long so I can not attest to the of the liners.

These are an alternative to the traditional liner and are indeed safer for your long term use of feminine products.

If you are interested in trying Smartliners for yourself they retail for $14.99 and they can be found on the Smartliners website, where they will refer you to additional online retailers.

This is a smart, safe and easy way to protect your body and the environment. It is definitely worth trying to see if they are right for you.

Happy Shopping !




Thank you:

Thank you Yasmeen Khoury, President & Co-Founder of Smartliners for sending me these products and giving me the opportunity to try Smartliners.

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