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INLAND Fashion Pop-Up Shop Showcases Local Canadian Ethical Accessories

I am very proud to be Canadian and have been progressively directing my consumerism towards Canadian brands and products. Supporting local business is of great significance towards growing the economy and protecting the environment. When you purchase local goods manufactured and sold within your own country, not only are you helping to grow your country but you are helping to reduce your carbon foot print and protect the environment. In addition, to these strong reasons to purchase products locally, products manufactured and sold in Canada are more likely to be ethically produced and manufactured and are of much more superior quality.

When you purchase items you are making a conscious decision to commit to this item. When I purchase products, I want things to last the test of time, I want them to be worth the money. Fast fashion and cheap products from abroad take up space in landfills, pollute the environment with excessive travel time to transport the items and often fall apart after short periods of time. This only forces you to repurchase the same item only to repeat the process of buying it again.

In Hamilton, two weekends ago, INLAND pop-up shop hosted 30 Canadian Local Fashion designers to showcase their ethically made and manufactured collections.

I would like to highlight my favourite vendors, in case you would like to find some unique and Canadian made pieces for the holiday season. No matter which items you may choose from this list you are bound to find precious and thoughtful gifst, that is bound to be the highlight of the gift giving process.

If there are any pieces in which you are interested, I have tagged all the sites & Instagram pages below. Shop with ease by clicking the company's names.

1. Capt Ve

Instagram page: @captve

2. Tokengold

Instagram Page:

3. Moon Light For Violet

Instagram Page: @moonlightforviolet

4. Tribes of Lambs

Instagram: @tribeoflambs

5. PurSuits

Instagram Page: @Pur_suits

6. Knots and Pipes

Instagram Page: @knotsandpipes

7. Caranina

Instagram Page: @shopcaranina

8. Ashera Armour

Instagram Page: @asheraarmour

I hope that some of these pieces have caught your eye like they have mine. Most of these pieces and company's head quarters are located in Hamilton and Toronto. This makes for last minute shopping really convenient and effortless.

What do you think about shopping locally? Do you think it is important to support local companies and your own country's economy ? Do you prefer buying based on price ?

Im curious to hear your thoughts. Let me know !

Happy Shopping!

Christina XOXO


Location of INLAND EVENT: Art Gallery Of Hamilton

Location of Outfit Shots (Picture 1 & 2): Hello Baked

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