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My Experience as a Media Guest at The National Women's Show in Toronto


Attention Ladies,

If you are free and looking for a fun experience in Toronto this cold & gloomy weekend, The National Women's Show is the place to be. The convention offers everything you could possibly imagine marketed for women of every age. Food, shopping, beauty, fashion, giveaways and Instagram photo ops. In addition, booths offering free samples, opportunities to try new products and learn about unique businesses. Most importantly, all these companies are Canadian based & offering discounts and deals on their inventory. Where else can you find all of this in one place?

As a new guest to the National Women's Show, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that this weekend was going to be full of unexpected surprises and opportunities to buy some new product just in time for the holidays.

It is a known fact in the North American marketing industry, that women take over 83 % of the consumer market. That being said, there was bound to be a multitude of fantastic deals at the convention that is geared toward driving these consumers needs and desires to be fulfilled with product.

When we arrived, we were greeted with hundreds of booths and vendors offering all the best in categories such as beauty, hair, fashion, food, health, travel and more. The shopaholic within me was thrilled!

Representatives and sales staff passed along samples of items from shampoo and perfume to the latest in health foods like gluten free bagels, electrolyte infused water and Kambutcha. This is the time and place to get your hands on products that you may have wanted to buy in the past but didn't have the opportunity to try previous to purchase.

The food section was saturated with many women, who's desire to try the latest and greatest food contents on the Canadian market. There were many boutique style vendors offering the newest in fashion trends. As well as booths geared towards those looking to purchase the odd household gadget.

The beauty sector offered an array of makeup, skincare, beauty tools, hot tools, hair care and so much more. The deals were fantastic and there were vendors as popular as YSL Beauty & L'oreal to smaller newer brands. You could imagine how popular these popular beauty brands were. I also like the fact that many of these booths had specialist offering complimentary beauty and hair make overs, & demonstrations on how to apply the products.

Due to such a saturated area, full of thousands upon thousands of alluring products, I focused on booths that stood out aesthetically and appealed to my personal interest and taste. These included fashion & beauty, home decor and food. I found that there were many new brands and unique products to explore.

No matter the type of products that captivate your attention, The National Women's Show has something for every woman... & even man.

I attended the event with my two sisters and my mother. We all agreed that this is a great place to spend the day with your best friends and family. There are so many things to partake in such as watching fashion shows, getting free make overs and even buying some treats for yourself. We especially loved taking pictures at all the creative and unique photo opportunities that were set up around the convention hall. You will not run short of things to do.

Some booths that stood out, were ones that I was already familiar with and have collaborated with in the past. These companies include Alera Skincare (Zensa Healing Cream) and Cushello. Two very different companies but ones that are both based in Canada and have quality luxury products.

In addition to the shopping, sampling of food and products the convention is also a great place to network with many business. If you are someone with a small business or involved with the marketing or advertising industry The National Women's Show Convention is a fantastic opportunity to connect with many Canadian business and network with other female owned business too. I met numerous ntelligent and motivated business owners at the convention which is also something that I take away as a huge positive of the experience as a whole.

Finally, my absolute favourite aspects about the convention, were the photo opportunities that were set up for all the social media addicts like myself... Surprise, surprise!

The stand out companies were Ampersand Marquee Letters and Snaptique which featured a vintage VW mini bus as a photo booth and a giant National Women's Show Light Sign. The booths were interactive and artistic. They even added to convenience by sending the pictures directly to you through text and email. This allowed for us to document the memories that we created through out the day.

Overall, these were the most memorable moments for me. The convention was an experience that many need to partake in themselves for the ultimate girls day out!

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this weekend click the link below and use the code "CHRISTINA" for a discount at checkout.

The National Women's Show Tickets

If you attend, please let me know what your most memorable moments of the women's show were for you !

Happy Shopping !

Christina XOXO


Thank You and Links:

Thank you to all the staff and vendors at The National Women's Show Toronto this weekend. Thank you for having me as a media blogger and for allowing me to experience this fantastic opportunity. I will most definitely be visiting again next year.

Check out these great Canadian Companies:


Alera Skincare

Roar Organics

Ampersand Marquee Letters


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