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Apps I Use to Edit My Instagram Pictures

Hey Readers,

As promised, here is the post outlining the types of apps and editing tools that I use for all my photos.

Over the years my style of photography, posts and editing has evolved. As I experimented with my personal style and became more confident in posting my everyday travels, my style of editing drastically changed as well.

I have been working with companies in the Toronto Area as a micro influencer and blogger for over two years. When I first started it was sufficient to gain a following by going to a local tourist area, shoot a couple of shots of your outfit or the overpriced latte and cupcake that you ordered and gain attention. This is no longer the case. Social media is over saturated with hundreds of thousands of induvial serving very similar content on a daily basis, so that old strategy it is no longer adequate. Now on top of all the other ways in which you used to be able to gain followers, presently you have to also strategize the ways in which your feed is cohesive, weather the colour scheme is consistent, if your editing does not stray from post to post and to make sure that all you locations abide by these guidelines.

Everyone has unique goals on how they want to portray themselves online. Having a cohesive feed showcasing all your hobbies, adventures and interests is increasing within our generation. The ways in which I try to increase the quality of photos is through the following FOUR APPS!

I use all these apps on both pictures taken with iPhones or professional cameras.

These are four of my most used apps that have helped me achieve my editing goals for all my Instagram photos.

1. Photo Retouch

I use Photo Retouch to remove any sort of unwanted objects or people that have snuck into any of my shots. I try my very best to avoid others from walking through my photos or scout for unwanted garbage on location previous to taking shots but sometimes it is not possible to avoid that wondering pedestrian or pigeon. With the assistance of this app, I am able to remove the undesirable objects and ultimately get that perfect clean photo.

2. Photo Editor –

Along the same lines of removing unwanted images in the background of photos, Photo Editor – helps to enhance the photo and remove things that I don’t necessarily find appealing in my images. I may use this app from time to time to remove red eye, acne spots and to whiten teeth.


I am sure that this is an app that many of you are already familiar with. I often use VSCO to layer filters or effects on the original photo. I can use up to three different effects or layers at one given time. On some of my older posts on my feed you can see that I have cooler under tones, this app helped me to achieve that desired look.

4. Lightroom

Lightroom is by far the most popular app among all the tools in which I use. This app ultimately is used for the overall quality of each photo. Areas of editing such as temperature, saturation, focus, grain and many more are used all at once to create a blog worthy photo. This app give the richer & more professional finish which makes for a nicer photo. I like using this app to create a more striking clarity and focus on details.

I hope that this was straight forward and helpful. I find that editing goes a long way to achieving better quality photos and gaining more attention to your feed.

Please let me know if you have any more detailed questions, I am always happy to chat!

Have a wonderful week.

Christina XOXO

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