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Expressing my Style With The #Trending Cell Phone Accessories From Ideal Of Sweden

If you are obsessed with Instagram and keeping up with all the latest fashion bloggers and trends you will already have discover the phone accessory company, Ideal of Sweden.

Ideal Of Sweden is know for its quality, artistic and modern designs, while adding a chic touch to your daily lifestyle.

Technology is something that is vital in our current lifestyle. When it comes to investing in the best pieces and accessories for my "Tech" I do not hesitate to buy the most superior and appealing products, weather that may be in functionality and aesthetics.

My phone, cameras, & laptop are a central part of my lifestyle. I am student, blogger and content creator and I work in the marketing and customer service industry. My phone is an extension of who I am and is a contributor to my success . Even when I am not working I find myself utilizing these tools. Therefore, it only makes sense that I would invest in items that make a statement and are functional in protecting my phone.

There are a couple of features which I really enjoy about this brand. The first is the quality. The cases are thick plastic that protects the phone from any scratches, dents or damage. In my personal experience, the cases do not break or shatter when dropped. Lastly, the main feature about the cases which showcase the quality of the items are that they are magnetic.

Ideal of Sweden have various accessories such as mounts for your phone in the case, wristlets and wallets which you phone and its case can be placed in and many more.... they are all magnetic!

This means that you can mix and match, and add accessories without having to change out your case every time. They are all magnetic compatible, which means that you can utilize all the accessories at once without having to use a different style of case unless you want to change out the pattern.

The cases come in a range of bold colours, designs and even textures, appealing to everyone no matter your personal taste. Lastly, the cases have a high gloss finish which contribute to the luxurious and fashion forward appeal of these products. They are a perfect addition pictures as well, as they stand out on their own or with your outfit.

The cost is fair for a high end quality product, such as Ideal of Sweden cases, and add a little bit of European style to my daily life of work.

Lastly, the line is not limited to cases. As mentioned previously, Ideal of Sweden carry car mounts, wallets, passport covers, chargers cables, and many more items.

If you are in the market foe a new case or any sort of phone tech accessories go check them out on their website.

Use the discount code: Christina_cord for a discount at checkout!

Christina XOXO

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