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Splash of Colour with Dippity Do's Colour Pop Hair Chalks

Hello Readers,

Have no fear music festival season is here. You know what that means... planning your unique and outrageous looks to make a bold statement for all the best concerts.

I personally never shy away from a bold look when it comes to fashion, makeup and hair styles. I love to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. One way of doing so is starting with a artistic hair style.

I personally will be using Dippity Do's ColourPop Colour Accents to add a burst of colour and creativity. This time around I choose to have space buns and leave the front pieces of my hair out and add The Aquamarine Dippity do to the majority of the length of hair and the Pixie Green Dippity do chalk to the bottom tips of my hair.

I think this particular look is bold enough where it makes a statement but still is wearable for everyday lifestyle.

The chalk comes in a little egg or sphere shapped container and is extremely easy to apply.

All you have to do is run the colour chalk along the strands of your hair and it will transfer with high pigmentation.

You then have to spray hairspray over it for the colour payoff to last all day and not run while you are out completeing your daily activities.

There are many positives to buying a product like these chalks.

These are very affordable products retailing for around $7. They are temporary colour accents. This means that you don't need to commit to expensive and permeant colour treatments to get bold, bright festival looks.

If you are unsure that this is a look for you, the products wash right out of hair.

At this price you can experiment with as many colours as you desire.

Another positive aspect to these colour accents are that they are an easy 2 step application and they show up on all sorts of hair colours. I have both dark brown and blond colours in my hair.

The colour payoff is strong and applies just as pigmented on my dark hair as it does on my bleached pieces.

The only thing that I would say to watch out for is, when applying the colour to be very careful covering all your clothing and your hands. The products DO NOT stain, but they are a little messy when applying. Just like any other colour treatment.

Make sure to cover your hands so there is no colour transfer and seal your colour on your hair with hairspray.

Overall, this is a great way to get those "Coachella" vibes. Weather you add braids, curls, crimps or metal accessories to your hair colour accents will always add the wanted drama for those concerts and festival events.

This is an easy, and accessible way for anyone to have the most stylish hair looks.

You will see me rocking these colours at the concerts that I will be attending this August.

Catch me at Bazzi's Concert on Saturday !

Happy Music Festival Season!




Thank You:

A very special thank you to Langton Pr Company & Dippity Do for the opportunity to try out these colour.


Outfit Details:

Chambray Button Down Ruffle Top: Zara

White Ripped Shorts: American Eagle

Black Faux Suede Mules: Forever 21

Gold Stair Oval Hoops: Hudson's Bay

Gold Sparkling Choker: Forever 21

Tortious Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses: ILY Mix

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