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Adding Some Spice To This Canadian Heat With Polka Dot Coord Set

This Canadian summer has been full of heat, and along with that heat I am bringing some spice to my wardrobe.

I am always on the hunt for affordable and fashion forward pieces to purchase for my wardrobe. I like to choose items that speak for themselves and make bold statements.

When I saw this two set piece coord set, I had to have it. It screams sexy and trendy all at once. Although it is sexy, it stills leaves enough to the imagination. Covering and revealing all the right spots allows for comfort while walking around the city on a hot summer day.

I paired this set with a pair of my favourite sunnies from ILY Mix which are a cat eye in a tortoise shell colour, along with a pair of silver hoops and black simple mule flats. (which were not visible unless walking.) I also added my silver metal watch from Swatch.

I curled my hair in loose curls because I thought it would add to the latin look that I was going for. I opted foe minimal makeup because of the heat!

Ideally, I would love to have worn this to a tropical destination but that won't be happening for a while and I couldn't wait too long to show you this look. It is definitely one of my favourite outfits that I have styles this season and It definitely was popular within my Instagram following.

I have gotten into a new routine lately, where I plan shooting days at the beginning of my week. This makes it easier when it comes to organizing outfits.

When I was planning my shooting day I knew that I had to document this outfit in the best possible way. What better way to showcase the look then in the middle of a jungle ... to bad for me its more of a concrete jungle.

Allan Gardens park and conservatory is absolutely stunning and offers an amazing escape form the hustle of the downtown core. It is a little forested haven ranging in all sorts of plant life. The location and outfit complement each other in the best way possible.

I am so happy with the results. Needless to say, I am on the hunt for more pieces that had flare and spice to my wardrobe as this does.

Xo Christina


Outfit Details:

Coord polka dot set is from Ali Express

Tortoise Cat eye sunglasses in the style "Retro 90's Thin Cateye Sunglasses" from ILY Mix

Watch is the style "Skinpole" from SWATCH

Hoops are from Peoples Jewellers

Black Mules are from Forever 21

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