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10 Toronto Cafes & Lunch Spots That Will Light Up Your Instagram Feed!

I have started off my blogging and Instagram feeds by taking pictures of my food and outfits at my favourite food places around the city. At the time I was attending the University of Toronto completing my Undergraduate degree. I had breaks in between my classes and would look up places in which I could go have lunch or grab a quick coffee. For any one who has attended UofT you will know that these breaks were my way of keeping my sanity through all the studying. After all, University of Toronto is not called U of Tears for nothing.

On my breaks, My best friend and I would walk through the downtown core looking for new places to grab a bite. We started documenting what we ate, the decor of the place of the day and our outfits. I had no intention of becoming an influencer or even knew what that was at the time. It was just a fun way to release some stress and spend time with my best friend.

Gradually, others became interested in my Instagram page and I started to get the question more and more.... Where are some cool places to take good pictures for Instagram but also has quality food and drinks ?

Now for me this is a really broad question because Toronto is such a multi cultural place full of different types of amazing places to try. There are so many different types of food options within the food industry. I mean there are fast food, fine dining, raw, vegan, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Jamaican, cafes, strictly dessert and some one of a kind places too.

This time around I decided to to focus on my favourite places that are cafes & Light Lunch spots (coffee, snacks, sharables, brunch or light lunch) .... which got me started on this fun journey. Places that are Instagram worthy while still having quality drink and food.

In no particular order:

1. Cafe Cancan

One of Toronto's trendiest and popular places to get lunch, coffee or tea. The infamous pink front door and white brick looking house is super cute and gives the feeling of Alice in wonderland inspiration. The interior is just as beautiful on the inside as it is out. You can grab a coffee, lunch or even an alcoholic beverage... everything as colourful and delectable as the next.

Patio season!? Well don't worry, you can still catch a refreshing dink on their outdoor patio which matches the whole whimsical theme.

2. Lawai'a Poke

A small yet chic lunch spot which is definitely worth popping by for a healthy, light, lunch & a couple of stylish shots for the "gram". This spot is designed as a drop in take out food destination. I would call it a non conventional fast food place because the food is amazing and won't make you feel guilty for eating it.

Hawaiian or island life inspired decor with white marble and gold accents. As pictured below, the main attraction (other then the bowls of course) is the greenery accent wall with neon red sign.

Vacation vibes on your feed without having to step out of the city.

3. Dineen Outpost

There are two Dineen Locations. Making for an easier time to try their desserts and AMAZING Coffee. The Staff is wonderfully kinda and inviting to all photography. Each locations give a Parisian cafe feel with gold filagree lettering and details, marble counter tops, mosaic type tiles and every sweet dessert you can think of.

Make sure to wear your fanciest shoes because you will be taking just as many pictures of the floor beneath your feet as all the other decor.

4. Baddies Toronto

Have you ever wanted to travel to Australia? I know I sure have. The food is completely Australian inspired in both ingredients and plating of the food. Bright and colourful along with creative and delicate.... flatlays that all your friends will envy.

The food is guilt free and absolutely fantastic! The decor has an high school vibe with bleachers, silver decor, black and white details through out. Make sure to go very early because this place is in high demand and there is always a long wait. This brunch is surly not basic.

5. Sweet Hart Kitchen

Vegan Sweets that give you tons of options. One of the news and best vegan desert place in the city. It is small but packs a punch. Artistic moral on the out side and white benches with twinning lights on the inside. This places makes for all types of cute and feminine Instagram shots.

The service is really great. If you are not familiar with ingredients of vegan treats and are not quite sure what to try first the staff is very knowledgeable and will help you find the perfect dessert that is right for you.

6. Versus Coffee

Can you say artistic!?

This place has the most colourful, artistic lattes in the city. The artwork is tasteful and the coffee is strong. This location is small and simplistic. White walls and wood table tops. The decor is not the most appealing but the coffee sure it. The lattes will catch the eye of anyone scrolling though your feed.

7. Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

One of my personal favourite. I prefer this location because it is located in the super hipster and artistic Queen street west. The fashion district full with the best places to eat and grab coffee. The dishes are extremely artistic, they make for the best photography. The dishes are almost to pretty to eat... you feel as if you are destroying a piece of art.

The place is minimalist and simple. White brick, marble table tops, black metal details and foliage throughout. It show cases like a city loft relaxing and full of bright light. I love going her to take promotional shoots because all of the modernity and simplicity, perfectly complements anything you may want to feature in my pictures.

8. Bolt Fresh Bar

There is a theme with the colour green. Green on the outside just like the dishes they make. I couldn't help but stop in Bolt after walking by the bright green store front. The vintage chairs definitely caught my interest for a relaxed spontaneous shoot.

One of the healthier options on my list. This place is definitely one for the health conscious foodie. Both decor and food will surly bring attention to your feed. The best options from this place is the smoothies and salads. These options are full of health benefits and taste just as great as they look. No matter the choice, you are sure to get a ton of energy from this lunch or snack option.

9. Short & Sweet BakeShop Cafe

Neon signs & sweets galore! If cupcakes and smaller sweets are your thing definitely hit up this cafe. The coffee is great and the sweets are even better. The best part is you can custom order designs to fit your personal needs for any occasion.

When I first came across this cafe, I notice the pop art details as I was driving by and had to stop and check it out. It was around the fall season so there was an aroma of pumpkin spice as soon as I walked through the door. I choose to get the mini pumpkin donuts which were absolutely scrumptious! They were lightly covered with sugar and were just the right amount of sweet to complement my coffee. The coffee and dessert was amazing but it doest hurt that their decor feature is a large pink neon sign... which compliments the sweetness of the entire place.

10. Alcove Coffee

Calling all cat lovers !!!!

The best service and the cutest lattes in the city. The trade mark of this cafe is the marshmallow kitten lattes. They are not only super cute to look at and feature on your feed but they also taste amazing... they are not overly sweet! The location is in the Junction area away from most of the downtown core which is appealing if you want a bit of a break from so many people. The place is small and has a very cool vibe, shipping container cash area and lightning bolt focus wall which is super modern and artistic. The decor matches the industrial area in which the cafe is situated. Lastly, the service is just amazing ! The staff was super kind, approachable and appreciative for our purchase.

It was so difficult to narrow down to just 10 places. I would love to do this again with other types of places and foods. Or I can always go an try out and document places that you suggest on my feed and let you know how it is before you go and spend your time and money checking them out. All your suggestions and feedback are much appreciated.

I hope this helps to answer your questions. Have a great time exploring and taking those eye catching pictures.


Christina Xx


*All the picture included are my own*

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