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Shaking Things Up with Joico Body Shake Texturing Finisher (Review)

My hair has a mind of its own, it takes a lot to tame and still have it looking healthy. Naturally, my hair is dark brown, thick, curly and does not agree with humidity. In addition, I colour treat my hair with bleach, and my go to hair styler is a flatiron.

Now I know that I am rough on my hair and scalp but I do like to treat it kind with the very best of products to counteract the not so healthy treatment I put it through often. I like hair care items that perform well to keep my hair soft, healthy and voluminous. I also gravitate towards items that add moisture and add protection to my colour (which is an expensive investment) . I know I have high exceptions, therefore I am always eager to try new hair care products that fulfill those needs. Thanks to Joico and Langton Pr I have found a summer haircare trio that meet the needs on my checklist.

If you have been following me on my social media accounts for a long time, you will know that I am a huge fan of trying shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products .

Before being gifted this products I was already familiar with the Joico line. My local salon and hair stylist use the products when I go to get my hair treatments. I have always been attracted to the smells of the shampoo and hair items when visiting but never have had the opportunity to try it out long term on my own. After trying the Body Shake Texturizing Finisher along with the shampoo & conditioner, I now fully understand why my salon's choice is Joico.

Shake, Shake, Shake and Spray, Spray, Spray !

Setting the stage for summer time hair perfection!

Just as the name suggests this spray is shake and spray. Really simple to use and delivers great results. This product is my personal favourite out of the three products sent to me. This is definitely the cherry on top of the Sunday so to speak. It is so well rounded, and targets so many different areas of hair needs. This finisher really does make the difference when it comes to finishing off the perfect look. No matter how you choose to style your hair. Spray and instantly see lift and volume. In addition, when sprayed not the roots it plumps the hair and absorbs oil almost like a dry shampoo. It does not leave a heavy residue, or unwanted greasy chemicals. My hair was soft to the touch, with a matte finish. The formula is clean and flexible which allows for lots of movement. The spray is not sticky like regular sprays or hair sprays. The finisher adds texture as the name suggests, along with adding a concrete hold for dramatic looks. It kept my loose curls in tact all day long and gives this illusion that I added extensions for volume... which I did not. This finisher has shaken things up with my hair.

If I had to compare it to a particular type of product, I would say that it is a combination of a hairspray and a dry shampoo.. But so much better! I am so pleased with this product and would like to suggest that you get all three products for best results. Although, if you were only able to choose one I would suggest that you choose the texturizing spray because it is such unique product. It is unlike other products that I have used before.

I feel like this product is especially fitting for the summer or a vacation must pack item. The packaging certainly suggests the idea and so does the smell.

In addition, The Luxe Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is a great quality product, that gives you everything you would want in a shampoo and conditioner combo. The formula benefit all types of hair, adding volume, bounce and flexibility. A little of the product goes a long way. My hair is fragile due to the excessive amounts of heat and bleach and the shampoo and conditioner combo adds the much needed moisture to my often times dry hair. Especially when it comes to my ends. It protects my colour without turning my bleach a copper tone which a lot of shampoos do. No matter the type of hair you may have, thick, curly, straight, thin ... this combo will work well for you. My favourite part is that when used together the hair care duo add moisture and volume. Lastly, the smell is one of luxury. Exactly what you would expect from a salon product. The fresh and floral fragrance lasts for days. After using these products long term, I have found that my hair can last longer without a wash (which we all know is healthier for your hair). These two products together add moisture and volume, which is super appealing to me when looking for a shampoo & conditioner to be incorporated in my regular hair care routine. I like to use these products at least twice a week, and leave the conditioner setting for at least five minutes before rinsing it out. I found this to be most effective.

In my honest option I think these products are worth investing in trying. When used all together they are a powerful trio adding moisture, volume, and bounce to your hair. The fragrance of all the products has fresh and floral notes which is an absolute dream in the summer. A little of the products go a long way and it gives your hair a luxurious feel. Practical, quality and luxury are associated with the branding and formula. These definitely meet my hair care needs. Try them out !




Special Thank You:

Thank you to Joico and Langton Pr for sending me these products to test and review.


Details of my outfit:

White Dress with button detailing: Forever 21

Black Faux Suede Mules shoes: Forever 21

Bali Round Bag: Etsy

Gold trio triangle necklace: Melanie Auld

Gold Coin Zodiac Necklace: Mejuri

Black Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses: Zara

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